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Communication & Attendance

Oct 20, 2016


One phone call or email, so simple and could help you more than you know with your staffing agency. Attendance is always stressed when it comes to an assignment or job opportunity. However we know that life happens. In the case of car problems, a sick child or whatever life throws your way if it affects you not going into work or job interview you need to let us know!

If you take the time to call our office to reschedule an interview we are able to edit our schedules to make our day more efficient, and in return do our best to find another time as soon as possible. When you don’t take that time it can cause you to be the dreadful “No Call No Show”. This can cause you to lose your job immediately. After seeing that on your past work history we will be hesitant to consider you for another job, when all it takes is a moment to let us know what is going on and we can do our best to help.

A company does not want an employee who is always late for their shift or who never shows up for work. Also, for other employees, when someone does not show up for work, it can make their own work difficult. If a large project for the business is in progress and someone isn't there, the work can become strained and it interrupts the lives of those who must then cover for the missing employee. Setting a good work attendance record within your job is a very important resource, not only for you, but for your company as well. In fact, attendance is usually rated very high in the business world; sometimes placed higher than productivity and quality.” Importance of Good Work Attendance, Regina Woodard

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