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A Balanced Approach to People and Productivity

Oct 11, 2016


It would be difficult to find a company that doesn’t seek greater productivity and consistency of effort from its WorkForce. Employers want and need an on-going commitment from each individual to produce goods and services that are nothing less than first rate. Companies that do not have such a WorkForce in place will find it increasingly difficult simply to compete in tomorrow’s marketplace.

And almost impossible to win.

On the other side of the equation, today’s WorkForce—whether blue, white or pink collar—is taking a hard look at the options and opportunities open to them. People both want and deserve a fair shake. A chance to learn, to grow and to contribute. Without that, their sense of worth bottoms out, and job burnout Is not far behind.

The numbers game and a look at how it can work against you.

Employment firms for the most part are sales driven. Why not? Considering the phenomenal growth, the industry has experienced, there’s lots of business to go around. Goals are set, quotas have to be filled and numbers met. As a logical result of this, more and more time is spent making sure that orders are coming in and filled. Period.

As an unfortunate result of this, less and less time is devoted to listening to clients, interpreting their needs and making sure these needs are being answered. And seldom is precious time spent searching out a better alternative that might be the answer you’re looking for.

The conventional wisdom, sadly enough, is “you better keep bringing in new business because in this business you’re going to be losing old.” To which, our answer is: why should we have to lose business? What a defeatist way to go about responding to your needs; what a short-sighted vision to a sound business plan.

Placement may be our business but partnering is what we do best.

Our goal at WorkSmart is to find clients who will allow us to “partner” with them: that is, to build, to grow—to contribute. We’ll establish a working relationship grounded upon mutual respect and trust. And on the other side of the equations, we’ll identify, recruit and train those individual workers who, like us, want to grow and make a contribution to “their” company. Their attitude is positive because we do not market them as being dispensable. They are told of their importance, become convinced of it and thanked. As a result, turnover and absenteeism are reduced, while morale and quality of work are enhanced

Your assurance of our maximum effort is based on simple, sensible logic.

At WorkSmart, we are one operation. We are totally committed to and dependent on this market.

The fact is: if we can’t do a good job for you, we’re out of business in a heartbeat. There’s nowhere for us to hide. No one to point fingers at. No other operating branch we can lean on.

Whether we supply you with one person or a hundred, we succeed or fail on the basis of how well we can respond to your needs—with a sense of urgency and a firm grip on how to help.

According to our clients to date, we’re getting good marks. Our growth will be slower than some of our competitors, perhaps, but surer. After all, we’re not running a race. We’re running a company. Word of our performance on each assignment will bring us new clients, and with that, another mutually beneficial relationship will be born, then nurtured. You see, our role in the life and growth of your business is more than a job or a contract or an assignment.

It’s a major portion of our life.

Certainly, we want to be the best in this market—after all, who doesn’t? However, if you think about it for a moment, what’s really the best? For that reason, we’ve decided we’d rather be the strongest. Ultimately, that is how to win. And that is why working smart is so vital.

For both of us.

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