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Jan 24, 2017

When you are in sales, no matter what the industry is, there is usually at least one question. One question that most everyone will ask you at least once. One question that lights a fire. A fire that ignites the passion inside of you that made you choose to represent your company to all that would listen.

In staffing, that question is: “How are you different then ALL the others”. Whew! That is such a loaded question, but it is also an empowering question! With new staffing companies starting up and moving in each and every day, it is always a growing concern to stay ahead and to stand out. All of which is extremely difficult when you are all expected to do the SAME thing with the SAME resources.

Expected to… now that is a fun phrase to ponder on for a moment. There are expectations that we have for everything in life. How we expect our dog to greet us at the end of a busy day. How we expect the cashier to smile at us while we spend way too much at the grocery store. How we expect our kids to mess up at least once a week. Expectations give us something to look forward to and something we can rely on. So yes, companies should EXPECT certain things from their staffing company. They should never settle for what they can no longer rely on.

To stand out of the crowd, isn’t always to be the strongest or the biggest. No, to stand out, is to simply be your best at what you are the best at! In Staffing, that is the key to being different. Though there are several staffing companies out there, we each have a niche and we each are truly great at something that many others may not be. The key is for a company to focus on what they do really well, and find ways to do it even better. Ways that no other company can 100% match up to. There is a lot of business out there, and as much as each Staffing Owner would like to say otherwise, not every business to staffing company partnership is a good fit.

Whether you are looking to add to your team of already qualified vendors or you are wanting to start over with someone new and different, keep some things in mind. Remember to separate the predetermined expectations from the special differentiators that make the company the perfect partner for you. We must take the time, for ourselves and for our companies, to dig deep and search hard to find the best fit for the growth of all businesses involved. Remember, never settle, especially for something that isn’t quite right.

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