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WorkSmart Values

Our Mission

WorkSmart Inc. collaborates seamlessly with both our employees and our clients to foster and preserve a strong, productive WorkForce for our partnering WorkPlaces; all while adhering to a service first principle and results driven attitude.

After over twenty-five years in business, it is important for us to remember where we came from – why WorkSmart came into existence in the first place.

WS Past

Judy Barnes, WorkSmart Founder, had been working as a Greenville Branch Manager for a regional staffing company in the late 1980’s. Judy’s branch always met or exceeded Corporate’s quarterly sales expectations. Even so, corporate was never completely satisfied with the branch’s overall performance, as Judy was not always making the 50 sales calls a week that was asked of her.

It didn’t take Judy long to realize that the corporate mindset of sell-sell-sell was unnecessarily stressful and, in her assessment, unwise. Therefore, in 1989, she and her husband, Marshall, made the life-changing decision to take the high risk of opening their own private staffing company that is based on a business model that was and still is measurably different than most.

WorkSmart’s primary premise for success was to focus first on providing superior service, and then sell when the company was positioned and adequately prepared for growth.

WS Present

As of January, 2016, WorkSmart became a second generation, family-owned staffing company, when John Barnes officially took over as the principle owner. John brings new energy, new technology and new ideas; all while keeping the business model in line with our original philosophy of servicing existing clients as our top priority of business.

John strives to stay ahead of introducing new technology applications that will work to improve efficiencies for both our staff and our clients’ WorkForce. He has also put a lot of effort into developing new branding for WorkSmart to effectively communicate the business model that we embrace.

Ask us how the 3 dots are a representation of our business model and how passionate we are regarding our tag line, “It Takes 3”!